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FORBINARY Collaboration of WebNationz and ForBinary Technologies which is an information and technology provider of engagement solutions to organizations for improving core processes using mobile. ForBinary provides a robust, cloud-based platform that allows organizations to create and manage engaging mobile applications quickly, easily& affordably. Team members include alumni’s of IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi specialized at delivering quality tech solutions across several verticals.

Specifications and Offerings

For your organization, ForBinary shall broadly provide the following deliverables:


A customized &functional android &iOS (on request)mobile app .

CMS (Web Platform):

A Content Management System that shall allow complete control & management of the mobile application’s features & content. It can have multiple users and departments for operating .


100% free maintenance, web hosting& training shall be provided. We shall handle& do regular app updates, bugs etc. This shall ensure your App will be always improving in performance & design and be updated with current trends.

Analytics :

Regular Reports having numbers on the traction, performance, downloads, usage behaviors etcetera shall be provided to help strategize next steps .

Broadcasting Channel:

This shall allow authorities to send targeted push notification, messages to app users instantly (with images, pdfs, urls,etc. attached)

 Information and Resources:

This includes showcasing the required information in the form of app sections & pages (one touch calls, lists, detail pages etc.)

Form Builder:

A powerful tool that allows you to build customized forms for app users. Surveys, data collection, Registrations etc. can be easily conducted through this feature.


Ticketing System:

This shall help app users to make requests to admin like query, complaints, feedbacks etc.These requests can be mapped to relevant persons and they can receive an email anytime a request is made or submitted. You can create customizable categories here.


Incase of any technical issues on the app or CMS, it will be resolved by us within 24 hours. You will be also assigned an account manager at all times, whom you can contact directly at any point of time for assistance.


Registration on Google play-store,all server charges, maintenance, initial on-call training, updates and any other technical service charge are covered in the above plan.

Annual subscription charges will be valid from the date of invoice.

Integrations with other existing solutions can be explored to enhance functionalities.

Dedicated Customer Support for your account.

Minimum agreement period is 1 year.